The White House Says That the Us Will Punish Putin for Taking Over Ukraine

Sanctions on the Russian president, foreign minister, and members of the national security team will be implemented by the Biden administration.

Capitol Hill in the nation’s capital The White House has announced that sanctions would be imposed on Russian President Vladimir Putin as a result of his decision to invade Ukraine.

US Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the decision was made in conjunction with European Union officials on Friday. US sanctions on Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov, and other members of Russia’s national security team will follow European partners’ lead, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.

According to Psaki, further sanctions information would be provided on Friday.

  • The United Nations estimates that more than 50,000 Ukrainians have fled the nation as a result of the Russian invasion on Thursday.
  • Russian President Vladimir Zelenskyy has accused Russia of attempting to “destroy Ukraine politically by bringing down the head of state” by invading the nation without occupying it.
  • Earlier in the day, the EU decided to place a temporary hold on any assets connected to Putin or Lavrov.
  • Ned Price, the spokesperson for the State Department, said earlier in the day that Washington was looking at “other measures” to put pressure on Moscow and Putin for the invasion.

“All alternatives are on the table; all options means all,” Price told reporters, echoing what the president said the day before. Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a new set of penalties on Russia’s biggest banks, the country’s technical imports, and Putin’s closest circle.

In spite of Western sanctions, Russia’s military maintained their advance on Friday, with soldiers moving closer to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Initial claims that Russia was intending to invade Ukraine despite a significant military buildup were refuted by Russia, saying that it had valid security concerns about Ukraine’s growing relationship with the West and seeking assurances that Ukraine would not be allowed to join NATO.

Failed to break the deadlock after many rounds of negotiations between Russian and European and American authorities. In their arguments, US and European officials stressed that NATO is a defensive alliance that does not represent a danger to Russia, and that allowing Moscow to block Kyiv’s aspirations to join would violate Kyiv’s sovereignty. Despite the Kremlin’s declaration on Friday that it was “ready” to meet with a Ukrainian team in Minsk, Washington seemed to reject the proposal for dialogue.

Vladimir Putin’s “diplomacy at the barrel of a rifle,” as Price put it, “is now being suggested by Moscow,” he told reporters. Real diplomacy isn’t like this. Diplomacy cannot take place under such circumstances.

Earlier today, Zelenskyy tweeted that he and Biden discussed “strengthening sanctions, tangible defence support, and an anti-war coalition,” among other things.

A statement released by the White House after the phone conversation said that the president “applauded the valiant acts of the Ukrainian people who were battling to protect their nation.” Vice President Joe Biden said he expressed the continuous economic, humanitarian, and security help that the United States is providing as well as our ongoing efforts to mobilise other nations to do the same.

Barack Obama said that the United Governments stands firmly behind NATO’s “Open Door to those European states who share our values and may one day aspire to join our Alliance”.

  • To address this “gravest danger” to Euro-Atlantic security in decades, NATO leaders convened a virtual summit on Friday morning.
  • “This war is all Russia’s fault. It has consistently turned down the offer of diplomacy and conversation from NATO and its allies. NATO claimed in a statement that it had “fundamentally breached international law, including the UN Charter.” It also announced an increase in the number of troops stationed in alliance nations in Eastern Europe.
  • Oksana Markarova, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, told reporters that Russia’s assaults on Ukraine “have been more harsh” on Friday, but that the country’s military remain unfazed.

“At the present, every Ukrainian is protecting the nation, whether in the military forces, in territorial defence, or wherever support is required… Right now, we need all of our friends and allies’ assistance,” Markarova added.