Russia Has Vetoed a Un Security Council Resolution After Reports of Street Rioting in Kiev

Street combat broke out in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, as Russian soldiers moved in on the city, according to the AP.

Russian forces will attack Kiev tonight, according to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who made the prediction in a video message posted on social media early Saturday morning.

In an attempt to keep Russian soldiers out of Kyiv, Ukraine detonated bombs on key bridges leading into the city. US and European partners have opted to impose sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin personally in the mean time, though.

Reports of street violence in Kyiv

  • Ukraine’s capital was rocked by street rioting as municipal authorities encouraged citizens to flee, according to the AP.
  • In the confusion that ensued, it wasn’t apparent if the fighting was random or indicative of a wider Russian invasion of the city.
  • In the early hours of Saturday morning, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that a Russian attack on the capital of Kyiv was coming. According to NBC News, gunfire could be heard around the city on Friday night.
  • Russia’s soldiers are reportedly encountering resistance on various approaches to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, according to US and UK authorities.
  • The U.K. Defense Ministry declared on Friday that Ukraine still controls all “important cities,” despite Zelenskyy’s warnings that numerous cities were under assault.

An offer from the United States to evacuate Zelenskyy was turned down, AP said.

Zelenskyy has not yet returned to Ukraine, according to the Ukraine Ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova. He will fight “till our triumph,” she continues, referring to Zelenskyy. American authorities think Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to topple Ukraine’s government and replace it with a dictatorship of his choice, according to reports from Associated Press (AP).

For Ukraine, the Biden administration intends to seek an additional $6.4 billion

  • Four individuals familiar with the subject tell NBC News that the White House plans to ask Congress for $6.4 billion in additional cash for Ukraine aid.
  • An estimated $3.5 billion would go to the Pentagon, while the State Department and USAID received $2.9 billion, according to two sources cited by NBC. For the Commerce and Treasury departments as well.
  • Government financing bills are now being worked up, but it’s not yet clear whether Ukraine’s money will be included in them.
  • Tonight, Russia plans to invade the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. According to President Zelenskyy, Russian soldiers will launch an assault on Ukraine’s capital city tonight.
  • As soon as the sun goes down, they’re going to take the town. We should all be aware of what awaits us this evening,” he stated in a video message.

It’s time for us to hang on.” A Reuters translation of Zelenskyy’s statement reads: “Ukraine’s fate is being chosen right now.” Ukrainians have been fighting on all fronts, but “this night will be harder than the day,” President Petro Poroshenko said.

He mentioned Kyiv as a particular focus. It’s impossible to lose one’s money.