One-year Prison Term Handed Down for Rioter Who Declared ‘civil War’ on the Capitol on January 6

One-year Prison Term Handed Down for Rioter

On Wednesday, a Donald Trump supporter who entered the United States Capitol through a smashed window and declared “this is war” was sentenced to 45 days in prison.

Mariposa Castro, also known as Imelda Acosta, went live on Facebook on Jan. 6 from the western front of the Capitol, where some of the most violent attacks on law officers occurred during the Capitol siege.

She entered the Capitol building while standing on the inauguration platform.

On Wednesday morning, U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton punished Castro, stating she appeared “gleeful” and “glad” about what happened on January 6.

He also imposed a $5,000 punishment, claiming that the Jan. 6 incident “completely disrupted” the peaceful transfer of power.

One-year Prison Term Handed Down for Rioter Who Declared ‘civil War’ on the Capitol on January 6

“I’ve been reading a couple books about how civil wars begin, and so much of history is repeating itself in our society,” Walton explained. “I love this nation; it has been wonderful to me, and to see what others are attempting to do to this country… is very disturbing.”

“I don’t glorify my conduct,” Castro sobbed before the judge. “I was caught up in the energy, and if I could go back in time and change things, I would have absolutely brought more peace.”

On January 6, Walton told Castro that she “seemed to be all in” on the battle. During the attack on the US Capitol, Castro said that “dark energy forces” “sucked” her in.

Castro’s counsel, Elita Amato, told the judge that her client “made a big mistake” by going to the Capitol and “was caught up in everything” while there. “She should have fled,” Amato pointed out.

“She really did have a mistake in judgement.”

Castro admitted to recording herself climbing inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6 when she pleaded guilty in November.

“I’m going inside. I’m heading to the Capitol “According to the statement of offense Castro agreed to, she stated as she videotaped herself entering the building.


“We’re all in! We’ve arrived at the Capitol. We entered the Capitol.”

Prosecutors wanted 60 days in prison for Castro, claiming that she “eagerly joined the Jan. 6, 2021 assault on the United States Capitol” and “exulted at the rioters’ victory” by imitating the former president’s statements as she was arrested.