During the Ukraine Conflict, Russia Has Expressed a Desire to Seize Kiev

It has been suggested that Russia’s ultimate goal is to split Ukraine in two, as happened to Germany after World War II, by Ukrainian newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

According to Ukrainian news outlet Ukrainska Pravda and Kyiv Independent, Russian intelligence has devised a multi-pronged strategy to invade and take Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv as part of their continuous assault of Ukrainian territory.

  • The first step of their plan is to continue their attacks towards the Ukrainian border. As a result, more Ukrainian forces will be able to leave the city of Kiev.
  • After this, Russia planned on taking control of a Kyiv airport and destroying energy and communication links in the city in order to generate panic.
  • Further panic operations, such as burning and looting, would be started.
  • Russian cyberattacks will then be conducted on more Ukrainian government websites.
  • The Russian army will next block Ukrainian highways by generating panic and creating a big flow of migrants. This will put a halt to the march of Ukrainian troops.
  • Russia will then seize control of all of the country’s buildings. The ultimate purpose of this is to essentially capture Ukrainian leadership to force them to accept a peace deal with terms specified by Moscow.

What is the end goal?

It has been suggested that Russia’s ultimate goal may be the division of Ukraine into two halves, as was the case with Germany following World War II.

However, according to a statement from Ukraine’s military on Thursday, the Russian mission also involves halting Kyiv while building a land corridor on the southern shore towards the occupied Crimea peninsula and the Transnistria area of Moldova.

Since the Soviet Union disintegrated shortly after the breakup of Moldova in 1991, Transnistria has been a de facto independent but unrecognised breakaway state. Transnistria was created in 1990 as an attempt to remain part of the Soviet Union should the rest of Moldova gain independence.

The truth of these intelligence allegations is unknown, but, it does come amid previous accusations from Ukrainian officials that Russia planned on breaking through into the city via a tank attack. Ukrainian defence officials have warned that Friday will be the “hardest day” since the Russian invasion began, adding that Russian forces may be in areas near Kyiv later today.

A few days before, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had stated publicly that Russian soldiers had designated him as their primary target.