After the Invasion of Ukraine, the Fighting Between Russia and Ukraine Has Escalated

It was reported that Russian troops were on the outskirts of Kyiv and were poised to seize control of strategic regions across Ukraine.

Key locations across Ukraine were at risk of falling to Russian troops Thursday evening as battle with Ukrainian forces escalated after a full-fledged invasion that began in the early morning hours.

Russian paratroopers seized the Antonov International Airport, located near Hostomel on the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv, and battle with Ukrainian troops was still ongoing late on Thursday, according to The Kyiv Independent. Downed jets and missile attacks were reported in other parts of the nation, notably the eastern city of Kharkiv. “Positional warfare continues practically throughout the country,” a Ukrainian official said on Thursday. Adding to the uncertainty, major cyberattacks disabled government websites.

Also worrying, Ukrainian authorities declared that Russia has acquired control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, The Kyiv Independent reported. Citing information from Mykhailo Podoliak, an assistant to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the site claimed that the condition of the plant remained unknown. Podoliak called on Ukraine’s Western partners to help seal the skies over the nation “in order to stop the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.”

Ukraine’s leader, in an address given on Thursday, sought to comfort his compatriots and call on them to aid in the country’s defence, but he acknowledged that human losses have already been experienced and the “most serious situation” is in the South.

“What do we hear today?

As Zelenskyy put it, “there are more to it than just rocket blasts, skirmishes, and aircraft scream.” “It’s the sound of a new Iron Curtain falling and cutting off Russia from the rest of civilised society. Rather than travel across Ukrainian territory, our patriotic mission is to direct this curtain to Russian houses.” Leaders across the world fiercely condemned Russia’s conduct and pledged punishment in some form. The NATO alliance exhibited solidarity, with member countries from France to Turkey joining in condemnation of the attack.

“Peace in our continent has been shattered,” North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated. As one commentator put it, “We now have European war, on a scale and of a character we believed belonged in history.”

President Joe Biden announced a new package of penalties during remarks Thursday afternoon following a meeting with G-7 officials, with other allies also announcing financial consequences. The U.S. saw markets collapse and oil prices surge at the opening of the trading day, though both stabilised and recovered before close. An uproar broke out across Russia as AP reported, with reports citing many Russians as being astonished and outraged by the invasion. According to the media, at than 1,000 people were detained alone in Moscow.

Biden was reportedly presented with possibilities to launch huge cyberattacks against Russia as the United States considers its next response wave. Psaki firmly refuted on Twitter that the report was “off base” and didn’t reflect on “what is actually being addressed in any shape or form.” White House press secretary.